KTH Finance Society


The association currently called KTH Finance Society (KTHFS) was formed in 1994 by a group of engineering students from the Industrial Engineering and Management program. Their common denominator was their interest in securities trading, and the association was then named the Royal Institute of Technology’s Stock Society (in Swedish, KTHs Aktiesällskap).


The original clubhouse was equipped with computers with real-time information and was provided by Ecovision. At that time, this was highly coveted and interest in the association grew as the years went by and more and more finance-related activities were organized. During the years of operation 2001/2002, it was clear that the association’s activities in accordance with the demand had grown to encompass more than financial instruments and it was therefore natural with a change of name to KTH Finance Society in March 2002. Since then, KTHFS are continuously organizing company events, seminars and study visits for our members.


Below follows a brief timeline of KTHFS development since the start.


KTH Finance Society launched

KTH Finance Society is launched as "KTH:s Aktiesällskap" with a focus mainly on stocks.


Females' evening with female executive speakers

We hold a females’ evening as early as 2001 for our female members where female executives are offered a forum to inspire and motivate.


The KTHFS of today is founded

The association takes a broadening leap and KTHFS is founded and a new, broader range of interest is taken in both the finance industry and the management consulting industry.


An eventful year, and our first trip

We visit New York, we launch our Stock and Option School and we move to new premises in Sing Sing and start building our very own “trading room”


Our 10th anniversary

KTHFS celebrates its 10th anniversary and with that we yet again move to the student union building. The “trading room” is built once again, only this time bigger and better!


The first KTHFS Finance Day is held

KTHFS arranges its first Finance Day at KTH with several speakers, we later hold a female evening with female executive speakers and hold some basic Course in equities. The Finance Day is highly successful and becomes one of the main staples of the organizations activities.


Courses and cups

Student Trader-cup is launched and is just as exciting as it sounds. We also start holding basic and advanced courses in equities.


We visit London - and with that a great idea is born

In our visit to London, we realize that there are missing links between their finance industry and KTH students. The project finansjobben.se is started as a result of this and is widely successful.


We loved London, so we stayed for a week this time, and the time after that...

London Banking Week is born as a result of the previous inspirational trip and with us we bring upwards of 30 sharp-minded KTH students who share a common interest in learning more about the finance industry in London.


We move yet again!

A smaller move this time, we move within the student union building. KTHFS London Banking Week is a success and has its status upped to becoming a yearly trip in the KTHFS calendar.


The first KTHFS Consulting Day is held

The successful formula of Finance Day is used to cook up what today is well-known as KTHFS Consulting Day. We also hold a KTHFS London Banking Week for the 5th time and start the KTHFS Capital Magazine for finance-interested readers at KTH.